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Born and raised in Venice and a graduate in Chinese and English at Ca’ Foscari University (which included spending a semester in China), Benedetta began her career at the Art and Architecture Department of the Venice Biennale, later moving to Turin where she spent almost 2 years working for the Winter Olympics Committee of Torino 2006 and a number of years for the Torino Film Festival.

Returning to her home city, she resumed her career with the Venice Biennale working for the Venice Film Festival, the Chinese Retrospective and the Programming/Secretarial Office, and started out in real estate in 2011 when she joined Views on Venice Estates – the long-established precursor to the newly formed Dimora Italia Real Estate.

Since then Benedetta has become a leading member of the team embracing a role which sees her making full use of her top communication and interpersonal skills in dealing with the many and varied requirements of clients based both at home and abroad.

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